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October 2017

Posted On 18 Sep 2018
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Present Mrs Preston, Tiya, Chloe, Seth, Harrison, Olivia, Emmie, Bodei, Oakley
Agenda Minutes Actions
Welcome All in attendance except Chloe. 
School Development Plan Mrs Hall began by sharing the whole school development plan.  She explained what each area focused on.  Mrs Hall shared the amount of money that we had to spend through our sports premium and how much had been saved in the budget to develop the areas on the adult development plan and the areas on the final pupil development plan areas which are selected. 

To improve our reading  – we can purchase more books. (Charlie)

To develop science and investigation work in science.  (Harrison). 

To improve our sports equipment and active play.  (Seth)

To continue to develop the Robins area.  (Charlie)

To develop pupil leadership of safety in school. (Seth)  Tiya suggested that we should have anti-bullying ambassadors in every class to help all the children. 

To achieve the Investors in Pupils award. (Tiya)

To develop subtraction. (Seth)

To make sure people follow the rules and always help others.

To develop and create a prayer garden.(Chloe)

To play more in Science. (Emmie)

Increase school clubs. Have children leading clubs.  (Tiya)

Possibly clubs like Science and table tennis etc (Seth) 

Children all participated in a discussion around the areas they had suggested.  Tiya asked each child to pick one that they thought would be good and then kept notes of the suggestions.  The group then asked Mrs Hall to type up the final suggestions to take back to their classrooms to gain the views of their classmates.

Request to SH – please can we explore the Science club again.  A letter was sent last year but there was not enough take up for it to go ahead.  Mrs Hall said she will try again and see if we get a better take up this year to allow it to run. 

The following were agreed by the council and need to be shared with the school for consultation. 

  1. To develop our reading and have exciting and interesting books to choose from in school. 
  2. To develop our active play and sports in school.
  3. To achieve the Investors in Pupils award and have children as  leaders of safety and learning in the school.
  4. To develop investigation work in Science. 
  5. To develop our core values and work with our local and global community. 
Suggestions box
  1. New hymn books.

They have already been repaired by the Y6 and Y5 worship leaders, but new ones are needed.  It was suggested that we could use hymns on the interactive w/b. 

  1. Longer playtimes

We can’t have longer playtimes as we need learning time.  Children have the opportunity to win extra playtime through the worlds.  The run has been added each day to allow extra time for fitness and fun. 

Mrs Hall was asked to price up how much new copies would be. 
Safeguarding Next worship will need to be planned with Mrs P.  8th November is the next Safeguarding update for the school council to deliver. 
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