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School Council May 2019

Posted On 27 Jun 2019
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Mrs Hall and full council





Mrs Hall

Review of previous actions and events.

Chrome books have been delivered and are in place in the Topcat room.  The children in Topcats wanted to pass on their thanks.  Robins also confirmed that they had received training in how to use the chrome books and had enjoyed it a lot!

The Spring Fair had been a success and the Krafty Kidz had raised a fantastic amount at their stall.

Pupil Development Plan

Children had gained feedback from their peers in mathematics.  All felt that mini maths was successful in reminding you of the topics that you don’t cover everyday.  The written calculations was found to be very useful and all children consulted felt that this should remain.

Step counters had been introduced, but with various success.  It had launched well, but the children felt a re-boot or increase in awareness was needed.  Also not to just sit wiggling your arm, because this was not an accurate picture!

The delivery of the chrome books means that they all need renumbering and organising.

TTR was well attended.  It was felt that thanks should be sent to Mrs B who is running the club daily at 12.30. 

The Safeguarding worship and digital leader worship has been held for all children.

Mini maths to continue next year.

Sports Leaders to be consulted with Miss Groom – NG to lead.

NG and JD (along with EC) to lead.

George to make thank you card from the school council.

Global Learning and partnerships

NG fed back on the first IPC meeting.  Discussion was held around the 3 UN focus days for the 6 schools.

Mrs Hall shared the total of the water day.  Nearly £1000 (£970 exactly) has been raised for building.  This will be sent at the end of the month.

Mrs Hall is trying to arrange a phone call with SL over the internet so we can all talk.  Pupil to pupil conversations will hopefully be held as we move forward.  This may have to be done on Mrs Hall’s phone.  It was agreed that this would be the only exception to the no mobile phones in school rule as it is the only way to talk to our partner school.

CD to create a thank you card for Wisdom for the gifts received.

Librarians (CD and AA) to select a book from the fair stall to send over to Wisdom for a collective story.



Disco for KS2 and film night are the next events.

Agreed PTFA and helper’s thank you event date 8th July at 2pm.  Jobs to be given to each class to prepare for the event.

Robins:  Make cards (approx. 12) and perform a song. 

Topcats:  Perform a song/poem

Bluebirds:  song/poem

Highflyers: song/poem

Council leaders to share with staff and class.

Next Meeting

June 2019.

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