Our Mission

Educating for Love, Trust and Friendship

  1. We live by our core values.
  2. We value and love all God’s children.
  3. We trust one another and show truthfulness.

Educating for Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills

  1. Everyone has the right to love learning.
  2. Success will be celebrated and shared.
  3. Opportunities to explore and learn will be embraced by all.

Educating for Hope and Aspiration

  1. We will give hope to our school, church and global community.
  2. We will always aspire for greatness and will support each other to achieve.
  3. Children will grow through learning not blame.

Educating for Community and Living Well Together

  1. All will be welcomed and can share in our values.
  2. Together with our church and local community we will make a difference to others.
  3. We will show leadership in our community.