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Early Years – Curriculum Intent

  • At Riston Church of England Primary Academy we recognise each of our children as unique individuals and we are passionate in ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed. We offer our children an exciting and ambitious curriculum filled with lots of opportunities to further develop their love of learning.

    Careful planning of our provision both inside and outside demonstrates our thorough understanding of how our children learn. We build on their existing knowledge and skills, helping them to develop the characteristics they need to continue to grow and become confident, independent learners. This gives them a strong foundation which is key to ensuring good future progress. 

    Our curriculum also provides us the flexibility to be driven by the children’s own interests, ensuring an equal chance of success for all. We promote and foster links with our local community, valuing all cultures and people.

    We encourage the development of friendly, positive and supportive relationships between the children, their peers and staff and build strong partnerships with parents and carers.

  • How we are going to achieve our intent:-

    When creating our Early Years curriculum we are guided by the EYFS Framework (updated 2021) and supported by the non-statutory guidance Development Matters. We ensure that the learning and experiences we offer our children are linked to the seven areas of learning.

    3 prime areas:

    •  communication and language
    •  physical development 
    •  personal, social and emotional development

    4 specific areas:

    •  literacy
    •  mathematics 
    • understanding the world  
    • expressive arts and design

    We loosely follow a class theme where we can plan to take advantage of cross curricular links to enable the children to use transferable skills and develop a wide-ranging vocabulary which will underpin their learning. However, we will also follow the children’s interests and closely monitor their levels of engagement, so these themes may be changed or extended with no two years looking exactly the same. 

    This child centred approach creates a blend of learning styles that reflects the individual needs of each cohort. We closely observe the different ways that our children learn and ensure that we provide a wide range of resources to develop their schema/style of learning.

    Our children engage in a mix of adult-led and child initiated activities to ensure a balance of learning opportunities that work for them. We take part in regular whole school activities throughout the year and place great importance on our early years children getting to know the older children and all staff within school. We work closely as a whole staff to plan for effective transition into year 1. 

  • How we assess if it’s working

    On entry we assess the children to give us a baseline on which to build. Formative assessment through regular observations, meetings and conversations with staff gives us a high level of awareness of where our children are in their learning journey and where they may need support. Learning is evidenced on Tapestry, our online journals.

    We quickly identify those children who may need extra support, with interventions being put in place and assessed regularly to check progress.

    We continually evaluate our learning environment and adapt and change this to meet the needs of the children. We do regular internal moderation and externally with our partner schools to ensure confidence in our judgments.

    We strive to ensure that all our children make good progress from their various starting points, givinging them all the potential to achieve their Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception.

Early Years

Additional Information

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