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The SIAMS Inspector said in her November 2023 Report – “Collective worship is woven effectively within the fabric of school. It strongly reflects the vision and associated values and contributes to the spiritual development of all”.

Our collective worship strengthens and supports the Christian identity of our school, reaffirms our vision and associated core values of  community, trust, respect and peace and celebrates the central role that each child has to play in their community. Our vision is rooted in the bible and encourages all children to live life in all its fullness.

Our children regularly hold services in church with children and adults joining together in an informal and energetic act of worship! These are themed on one of our Christian values and current global issues.

The assemblies are held as follows:

Monday – Roots & Fruits

Tuesday – Picture News

Wednesday – Clergy led worship – Open The Book  – Alternate Weeks

Thursday – Teacher or child led worship

Friday – Celebration Worship (parents, carers and families welcome to join).

The Reverend David Messer is vicar of our parish. Reverend David leads our worship regularly and works closely with our school community.

We have services for Easter, Harvest and Christmas, the start of term and leaver’s service at the end of the academic year.