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Geography – Curriculum Intent

  • In order to ensure high standards of teaching and learning in geography we deliver a progressive curriculum across both schools. We follow a 2 year cycle and teach geography through every topic with a focus on skills and knowledge from the National Curriculum. As well as ensuring geography is taught discretely, we also provide cross-curricular links to give opportunities for children to apply their geographical knowledge in other subjects.

  • We aim to provide a high-quality geography education that inspires children with a fascination and curiosity about the world. Our teaching prepares children with knowledge about diverse places, people and resources, natural and human environments, an understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes and the formation and use of landscapes. We also aim for our children to develop their geographical skills: collecting and analysing a range of data; interpreting maps, diagrams, globes, aerial photographs and digital mapping to name and identify countries, continents and oceans; and communicating information in a variety of ways. We want our children to develop a love of learning about geography both in the classroom and also through fieldwork and educational visits.

  • The teaching and learning of geography provides children with the necessary skills and confidence to further understand the world. They become inquisitive about the world that they live in and are encouraged to ask questions. We promote independence by providing children with opportunities to investigate and find answers to their own questions about the world around them.