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Religious Education – Curriculum Intent

  • How do we achieve our aims?

    Our curriculum is planned and sequenced following the requirements and guidelines of the East Riding Agreed Syllabus.  We supplement this syllabus with the Understanding Christianity resource.

    Children focus on the following religious world views in order to gain a depth of knowledge:

    • EYFS – stories from other religious and non-religious world views
    • Key Stage One – Christianity and Judaism
    • Key Stage Two – Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

    We also focus on the non – religious world views of humanism.

    Our RE classrooms are a place that allow pupils to discuss and reflect on their belief and teaches them to be able to agree and disagree well.

    Children are assessed at the end of each unit with a view to ensuring children achieve the key knowledge for each unit.

  • We aim for our children to

    • develop their sense of identity and belonging, so that they can live well and flourish in a multi-cultural and diverse society
    • acquire knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other world views and religions represented in Great Britain and around the world
    • ask challenging questions around faith, belief and issues of right and wrong
    • enrich their appreciation of others, challenge prejudice and respect differing lifestyles, cultures and faiths.
    • How will we know we have achieved our aims?

      Upon entering an R.E. lesson you may hear children engaging in discussion of Big Ideas!

      Children will have the skills and knowledge to question respectfully and disagree well

      R.E. books and displays celebrate children’s learning and evidence their growing knowledge of religious and non-religious world views.

      Children have opportunities to express their learning and understanding creatively e.g. through art, dance and music.

Religious Education

Additional Information

Please follow the link for a downloadable version of our:- Subject On A Page – R.E.

Here is a copy of our RE Progression document – content to follow