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Parent/Carer Survey Spring 2019

Posted On 26 Feb 2019
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February 2019, Parent Questionnaire Results

Strongly Agree


Don’t Know


Strongly Disagree

  1. My child is happy at school.



  1. My child feels safe at this school.



  1. My child makes good progress at this school.



  1. My child is well looked after at this school.



  1. My child is well taught at this school.



  1. My child receives appropriate homework for their age.



  1. This school makes sure the pupils are well behaved.




  1. This school deals effectively with bullying.




  1. This school is well led and managed.



  1. This school is a welcoming and pleasant place to visit.



  1. The school responds well to any concerns I raise.




  1. I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress.



  1. There are a good range of clubs for my child to enjoy.





  1. The school has a good reputation in the local community.




  1. Would you recommend Riston CofE Primary Academy to another parent?



Total 44 surveys returned

Any additional comments you would like to make:

  French club would be great.

– Thank you for everything you all do.

– Very pleased we chose this school, very good reputation, lovely staff and children, everyone is so


– I am so pleased with the progress my daughter has made in all areas.  I know that she is pushed to achieve

  all she is capable of.  She feels confident to have a go at anything, thank you.

– My daughter is extremely happy at school and is progressing well.  School is like an extended family for

  her.  Thank you for making school so wonderful!

– My child loves attending this school.  Lots of diverse and interesting activities go on and she loves it.

– My daughter would come to school 7 days a week if she could, she loves school, her teachers and has fun

  with her friends and whilst taking part in activities.  She would love to do guitars at music club/lessons.

– It is the best place ever!

– Homework is a little easy.

– In my opinion the school is improving with excellent teachers.

– I am much happier this year with progress my daughter is making, doing really well and very proud of her and Mrs B is wonderful with her and understanding.  She is more settled this year and enjoys school and learning more which I’m so happy about.

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